For love and impact

love all

We acknowledge the imperfection in ourselves and those in our community, but are dedicated to loving all.


We are authentic in our vision and dedicated to the community we are building.


We redefine what it means to be part of a church community, creating engaging and impactful experiences that are grounded in love, mercy and integrity.


We build a safe and lasting community of individuals on a parallel journey.

Let’s Take Our Job Back

You see the trouble we’re in. Look no further than your newsfeed or neighbourhood and reality will set in. Poverty is on an uphill climb. Employment is in a downward spiral. Society is dependently leaning on the government for help. The Church is being beckoned to make a decision, not to invent programmatical hope, but to return to its roots of being the hope. A hopeless world needs a strategic, unified Church. Come, let us build.

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It’s love, not judgement that will change our world. We don’t exist just for ourselves. We will be bold, take risks and be willing to go where people need us most, wherever and however that might be. We will continue to reach and endear our community.

Our mission is to change the definition of what a church is, and what a church should be. Our passion drives our personal, spiritual and church leadership as we rewrite our stories together.


Get to know one another and bond in an informal and relaxed setting. Along with in-person service, our community comes together through a variety of common interest groups for all ages, from coffee meetups to house parties.

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