Our story

We are Parallel Church. We may not be your everyday church, not by a long shot. We’re a group of disruptors who are starting a movement where imperfect people trade their ideas of religion to build communities that mean something to everyone. We are not perfect and we may not always agree. But we are perfectly aligned, dedicated to creating a safe place for people to come together, live with vitality and believe in building relationships that last.

WELCOME TO AN All-in philosophy

Intentionality wins

by considering what matters to make the relationship and experience we have effective.

Embrace grit & grace

by stepping up together to serve and love people regardless.

Always make better

by doing what it takes to improve as a church, as individuals and the lives of those in our community.


People are at the heart of everything we do.

Kelly & Joy-Lynn Stickel

Lead Pastors

Whether its roaring down the highway on his motorcycle, madly cheering on their favourite football team (SKOL!) or fighting for the hurting and lost, there is never a dull moment in their household. And they love every minute of it! With six beautiful kids, two daughters-in-love, and two of the most delightful grandbabies on the planet, family nights are crazy and absolutely perfect.

They believe passionately that every interaction is an opportunity to cultivate a lasting impact and are planting a movement that will preach the gospel until the end.

Brian & Heidi Brotherston

Claresholm Campus Pastors

Brian and Heidi have three crazy kids whom they love fiercely, a daughter and son-in-law who fit in with the shenanigans like they were born to it, and three absolutely adorable grandchildren.

They are passionate about exploring new ideas and finding practical ways to leverage them for the global church while partnering with people to help them reach their full potential.

Ralph & Cindy Molyneux

Lethbridge Campus Pastors

Ralph and Cindy have three grown boys, a daughter-in-law with the most adorable British accent and two grandkids that they are madly in love with. (In fact, for a while the team bugged them about their “Dutch-book” profile on Facebook.)

They’ve been a part of the organization since its inception and it shows in their huge heart for people. Their goal; help you live in your full God-given potential.

Mike & Cara Schalin

Lloydminster Campus Pastors

Mike and Cara will be the first to admit that they are hardcore Canucks fans, despite the good-natured ribbing they may receive from the other Campus Pastors. You’ll often find them out and about with their three kids, laughing, hanging out and figuring out new ways to have fun. Especially if it means Mike can avoid writing a website bio!

They love being a part of a community of imperfect people where everyone is loved and everyone has value.

Joel & Tanisha Stromberg

Okotoks Campus Pastors

Joel and Tanisha have a rambunctious house and they wouldn’t have it any other way! With three young girls, a rowdy Shepard and a new pup on the scene, it’s always an adventure.

They have a heart for helping people rise above life’s circumstances and firmly believe that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. They love being able to do church as a family and are excited to continue to serve this community.

Rene & Jill Angermeier

Taber Campus Pastors

Rene and Jillian love meeting new people! You’ll often find them hanging out in their garage with friends and experimenting with something new on their Traeger! They love living in Taber with their two kids and you’ll often find them out at various community events creating conversations and laughter wherever they go.

Along with an amazing team, they want to see everyone find and experience hope. Messing with the methods of doing church is what they thrive on; from having cook-offs in the parking lot to big event blowouts they believe church should be fun and welcoming to all!

Tim & Jen Tribble

Online Campus Pastors

This is Tim and Jen. If they’re not in the office exploring new ways to expand the kingdom, they are in the mountains hiking with their two animated preteen children enjoying the climb.

Fueled by caffeine, adventure and Jesus, they are dedicated to moving mountains for others. They are passionately committed to taking the church’s job back in its community and restoring hope and dignity in each person with no strings attached.

Jen Tribble


Jennifer is passionate about bringing the hope that is Jesus to our cities and communities. She loves challenging the status quo and is driven to see the church take its place back in our cities. Focused on moving the church into action through love and impact with no strings attached, she loves being creative and coming up with new ways to bring dignity and unexpected programs and initiatives to MyCityCare.

Ralph Molyneux

Parallel Care

Seeing the deep impact of trauma, anxiety, fear, grief and relationship challenges on people and the incredible freedom that can come when you can process through these emotions in a healthy manner, Ralph knew he was called to lead Parallel Care. Being a certified Christian Counsellor through Chartered Psychologist Graham R Bretherick, his experience in The Working Mind of First Responders Leadership Program from the Lethbridge Fire Department, a Counselling Skills Diploma from International Career School of Canada and being a full-time pastor for 15 years, Ralph brings a wide range of experience to the table to help others navigate life’s challenges through support, counselling and coaching.

Rene Angermeier

Parallel connect

Throughout his career, Rene has worked and volunteered as a teacher, vice-principal, coach, volunteer firefighter, auxiliary police officer, recreation board member, campus pastor and more. They all have something in common... people. He loves working with people and cultivating authentic relationships and friendships. The formula for building relationships is actually very simple: be yourself, be real, help where you can and be someone others want to be around!

Heidi Brotherston

Parallel leaders

Being in full-time ministry for over 25 years, leading in rural towns and urban cities, Heidi has seen firsthand the impact of strong leadership development in creating thriving churches. Heidi is very passionate about equipping and resourcing leaders, coming alongside to help them become extraordinary, capitalizing on their strengths and challenging them to grow in their personal, spiritual and church leadership skills.

Joy-Lynn Stickel


Serving the vulnerable and fighting against human trafficking is at the heart of everything Joy-Lynn does as the director of Not4Sale. Her passion is to see children in a safe place, whether that’s in a rescue home healing from trauma or learning how to be aware of the risks in their own world. She’s here to serve the one… then the next one, and the next. Every child deserves to know they matter.


From our pastors down to our community volunteers, Parallel is committed to leadership that always starts with love. Our mission is to change the definition of what a church is and what a church should be. We passionately equip our core in personal, spiritual and church leadership as we rewrite our stories together.

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