for love and impact

We are Parallel Church. We may not be your everyday church, not by a long shot. We’re a group of disruptors who are starting a movement where imperfect people trade their ideas of religion to build communities that mean something to everyone. We are not perfect and we may not always agree. But we are perfectly aligned, dedicated to creating a safe place for people to come together, live with vitality and believe in building relationships that last.

love all

We acknowledge the imperfection in ourselves and those in our community, but are dedicated to loving all.


We are authentic in our vision and dedicated to the community we are building.


We redefine what it means to be part of a church community, creating engaging and impactful experiences that are grounded in love, mercy and integrity.


We build a safe and lasting community of individuals on a parallel journey.

Latest Message

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Big changes are coming soon!

We are creating a movement. Stay tuned for our brand new look that better reflects our values and philsophy.