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On the Road Again

Join our Campus Pastors as they tour across Alberta.

Let’s Take Our Job Back

You see the trouble we’re in. Look no further than your newsfeed or neighbourhood and reality will set in. Poverty is on an uphill climb. Employment is in a downward spiral. Society is dependently leaning on the government for help. The Church is being beckoned to make a decision, not to invent programmatical hope, but to return to its roots of being the hope. A hopeless world needs a strategic, unified Church. Come, let us build.

Father’s Day 22

What if we are setting up our children with everything but what they desperately need?

Mother’s Day 22

Mother's Day at Parallel Church.

Easter 22

Easter at Parallel Church.

Vision Sunday 22

If the church is meant to be the hope of the world it needs to be the hope of the city first. What would happen if the church returned to its roots outside its walls and stewarded the city it was entrusted with?


Join us in our series about relationships!


Life will bring about events outside our control that increase your stress levels. While there is no way to avoid these events, there is a way to limit the impact such events or traumas have when you learn to process them correctly. Learn to stay in the healthy zone of mental health, regardless of the circumstances you are facing.

Christmas at Parallel

This year, with all of its uncertainties, the fears, the people we have lost, the questions we have had, we can hold onto this one thing that has remained unchanged.

For Love and Impact

What is the difference between the righteous and the unrighteous? Believer and non-believer? Is it theology and spiritual practices? Is it specific behaviours or attitudes? Is it how much you "sin" versus how often you pray? According to Jesus, the difference between the righteous and the unrighteous is not what most expect and many in the church today have it wrong.


Get to know one another and bond in an informal and relaxed setting. Along with in-person service, our community comes together through a variety of common interest groups for all ages, from coffee meetups to house parties.

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